"So my father drives and my brother watches the road for rabbits and I feel my father's life flowing back from our car in the last of the afternoon, darkening and turning strange, like a landscape that has an enchantment on it making it kindly, ordinary and familiar while you are looking at it, but changing it, once your back is turned, into something you will never know, with all kinds of weathers, and distances you cannot imagine." -Alice Munro, "Walker Brothers Cowboy" (1968)


Duncan Hewitt

Duncan Hewitt is a sculptor. He remakes and replaces things that are important to him. They reappear as touchstones that exist in real and imagined space and are both sculptures and objects. Most are made of carved and painted wood.
Hewitt was born in New York City in 1949 and grew up on Long Island. He attended Colby College and graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. He lives and works in the Portland area of Maine. His work has been shown with prominent 20th century artists such as Joseph Beuys, Joseph Cornell, Isamu Noguchi and 21 century artists including, for example, Susan Collis, Vik Muniz and Nina Katchadourian.

He is associated with the ICON Gallery of Contemporary Art in Brunswick, Maine. In addition to his ongoing body of work he has completed five public art projects.


I make things by hand – touching. I remake found objects or events, sometimes altering them and sometimes hardly even doing that. Often, I move towards the subject, carefully disappearing into it before I find my place. It pleases me when something is matter-of-fact and emotional, as particular to its source as it is to something else.


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curriculum vitae

Colby College (B.A. 1971)
University of Pennsylvania (M.F.A. 1975)


  • 2016Turning Strange
    Portland Museum of Art.
    Portland. ME.
  • 2012Icon Contemporary Art. Brunswick, ME.
  • 2011McCoy Gallery of Art.
    Merrimack College.
    Andover. MA.
  • 2009Coleman Burke Gallery.Brunswick. ME.
  • 2009ICON Contemporary Art.Brunswick. ME.
  • 2002ART Gallery.
    University of Maine.
    Farmington. ME.
  • 2000Icon Contemporary Art. Brunswick, ME.
  • 1998Icon Contemporary Art. Brunswick, ME.
  • 1994Barrows Rotunda.
    Dartmouth College.
    Hanover. NH.
  • 1984Baxter Gallery.
    Portland School of Art.
    Portland. ME.
  • 1981Payson Gallery.
    University of New England.
    Portland. ME.


  • 2013What Was, Is.
    Center for Maine
    Contemporary Art. 
    Rockport. ME.
  • 2010False Documents & Other Illusions.
    Portland Museum of Art.
    Portland. ME.
  • 20082000 Yrs of Sculpture.
  • 2007, 2005, 2002ICON Contemporary Art.Brunswick. ME.
  • 2006Biennial.
    Center for Maine
    Contemporary Art.
    Rockport. ME.
  • 2007, 2001Biennial.
    Portland Museum of Art.
    Portland. ME.
  • 2002Center for Maine
    Contemporary Art.
    Rockport. Me.
  • 2001Terrain: SculptureToday.
    Portland. Me.
  • 1997Round out Sculpture Biennial.Kingston. NY.
  • 1991Lever House.New York. NY.
  • 1991Chesterwood.Stockbridge. MA.
  • 1990Farnsworth Museum.Rockland. ME.
  • 1990Del Mar College.Corpus Christi. TX.
  • 1989Perspectives.
    Portland Museum of Art.
    Portland. ME.
  • 1988Anne Weber Gallery.Georgetown. ME.
  • 1983Bowdoin College.Brunswick. ME.
  • 1980United States Embassy.Ottawa. Canada.
  • 1979Colby College.Waterville. ME.
  • 1975Institute Of Contemporary Art.Philadelphia.
  • 1972Philadelphia Museum of Art.Philadelphia.



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